Investing in Our Foundation’s Future

In order to keep the foundation running, we have invested our initial principle into the stock market to generate continuous funds for the foundation to do its work. We have primarily invested into stable dividend stocks. We use half of the dividends paid out by the stocks to fund our foundation’s activities, while the other half of the dividends are reinvested into the stock via a dividend reinvestment program. For the first and third quarters of the year, we enroll the stocks in the dividend reinvestment program. For the second and fourth quarters, we opt out of the program in order to get the payments sent directly to our account.


We first came up with the idea of picking dividend stocks for long-term investing from the YouTube channel of HowtoInvestHQ. The videos on this channel and the articles on this website have been instrumental in our successful investing strategy. We decided on using primarily dividend stocks to fund our foundation as this seems to be the most reliable and effective method for generating steady income while still growing our investment over time to keep up with inflation.

Historically, foundations such as ours have relied on treasury bonds and other interest-bearing accounts to generate revenue. However, due to the federal reserve keeping interest rates low, there just is not enough income in these types of investments. Bonds these days barely keep up with inflation, let alone provide enough of a return to allow a foundation of our size to operate. We want to not only continue with our daily activities, but grow the foundation’s principle over time so we can do more.

While we knew we needed to invest some of our foundation’s principle in the stock market in order to keep ahead of inflation and keep the foundation running, it was not until we read some of the articles and watched some of the videos on How to Invest HQ that we were confident enough to take up investing in the stock market.

Stretching Tight Hamstrings Does Not Seem to Work

I have had a problem lately with my hamstrings. They are always stiff and my back hurts. I cannot even bend over to touch my toes. I am constantly stiff and feel like I cannot move around very easily.

tight hamstrings

It has come to my attention that stretching tight hamstrings just does not seem to work. I have been stretching every day for years and it does not help at all. I am not sure why I allowed myself to stretch or so long with no results without quitting prior. I think it was because it was hammered into my head so much that tight hamstrings need to be stretched that I ignored the evidence that was right in my face.

I have been reading more and more about tight hamstrings over the past few months. One thing I had not previously considered is that sometimes it is nerve tissue and not muscle tissue which limits the genetic length of the hamstring. You cannot stretch nerve tissue and it will not “loosen up” if you keep tugging on it. If anything, you will just irritate the nerve and make your pain worse!

Nerves do not contract in the first place so they cannot relax at all from stretching, and you certainly cannot not lengthen them as your genetics determine the length of your nerves and this is practically completely unalterable.

Another thing I found of interest was that the nervous system actively regulates the length of muscle tissue. Your brain may limit the amount of motion you get out of your tight hamstrings because it does not think that it is safe for you to get any more motion out of them. If you have back pain like I do it is entirely possible for your body to say no thanks to stretching and tight hamstrings and instead lock up the hamstrings so that your injured back stays in place. This is a bracing mechanism and effectively creates a splint across the spine. Interesting stuff to say the least.

Recognizing Heartburn Symptoms Fast

One of the scariest things when it comes to heartburn symptoms is being able to recognize the difference between bad heartburn symptoms, chest pain (angina) and a heart attack. Most people who enter the hospital with signs of chest pain are actually just having heartburn.

heartburn remedies

The first thing you should know is that heartburn symptoms focus around the burning sensation. It burns like your hand might feel if you spilled a very mild acid on it; it is not quite the same as a burn you might get from hot water.

On the other hand, chest pain due to ischemia (lack of oxygen) which is often a sign that a heart attack may be imminent feels more like a cramping sensation. It is not a burn at all but rather that someone is squeezing your chest, making it difficult to breath or do anything.

Another differentiator between the two is that burning from heartburn typically gets worse if you lay down. It may not do so instantly but if you have heartburn and lay down for 5 minutes, you are going to start burping up food and get a very bitter taste in your mouth. On the other hand, if you lay down for 5 minutes with ischemia, odds are you will feel a little better.

If you have ischemia, you need to go to the hospital to be treated as this can escalate into a heart attack very quickly if left untreated. Simple things like a baby aspirin a day or even glycerin can be used to relieve these sorts of symptoms but you need to be monitored by a doctor as they may recommend surgery or even more specific treatments should the situation demand it.

At the end of the day, heartburn symptoms are pretty mild compared to those of a heart attack. People who are having chest pain tend to sweat a lot and feel anxious, whereas those suffering from heartburn tend to just have eaten too much at a meal.

Tinnitus Cure – A New Treatment for Pulsatile Tinnitus

The biggest problem with Tinnitus is that many people are unable to sleep due to the constant ringing in the ears. Actually, that statement is not entirely accurate. A constant sound is actually pretty easy to fall asleep (see white noise). Instead, it is the off and on sounds of a certain type of tinnitus which keeps people up at night.

This is known as pulsatile tinnitus. If its name is an indication, it is primarily caused by blood flowing through the carotid artery directly against the middle and inner ears, causing noises to be registered that do not actually exist.

Tinnitus Cure

The problem with pulsatile tinnitus that makes it particularly troublesome is that it only activates briefly while blood is rushing through the carotid artery. While the left atrium is filling up and there is no movement of blood through this artery, there is silence. What happens is you have an off and on rushing sound which increases and decreases in frequency regularly as your heart speeds up and slows down. This is very frustrating and very hard to sleep with to say the least.

Fortunately, there is one pulsatile tinnitus cure which is beginning to show a lot of promise. This particular cure is called a teflon implant. What this does is implant some teflon between the ear structures and the carotid artery itself. Since teflon does not transmit vibrations or anything, it helps put a buffer between the ear and the carotid artery so that there is no noise from the pulse. This is the one tinnitus treatment which has finally shown promise in years. It is still in the experimental stages but if it proves safe it may be the treatment of choice in a few years for pulsatile tinnitus.

Free of Stomach Ulcer Symptoms At Last

Stomach Ulcer SymptomsI am happy to announce that I am finally free of my stomach ulcer symptoms. No more am I getting woken up in the middle of the night with stomach pain and being forced to eat something substantial in order to quell the stomach pain and get some sleep.

This had been a burden to have to eat all the time for my stomach to not be on fire as I have been eating a lot more than I have in the past and as a result I have been gaining a lot of weight. A lot of people lose weight when they have a stomach ulcer but instead I ended up packing on the pounds as I made a consistent effort to keep my stomach full in order to stop the ulcer pain.

What I ended up doing to stop my stomach ulcer symptoms was pretty simple. The first thing I did was go to the doctor and get an H pylori test. It came back positive so we immediately knew where to start with the treatment plan.

I stopped taking all ibuprofen and any of the over the counter medicines that might make my ulcer worse or interfere with treatment. Then I received the triple therapy plan where antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors are combined for the ultimate H pylori defeating and ulcer healing combination.

This worked out well and within 1 month after starting the protocol I felt a lot better. In fact, I got an H pylori test about three months after treatment and it came back negative. This is very important because H pylori is commonly known to be a recurring infection.

Now that my stomach ulcer symptoms are gone, I can finally focus on losing some of this extra weight I put on with my ulcer!

An SWTOR Guide to the Star Wars Universe

Star Wars The Old Republic is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) which was released by BioWare, EA, and Lucas Arts in December 2011. This particular game is the first MMORPG made by Bioware but definitely not the first in the Star Wars canon. In this SWTOR guide to the Star Wars Universe, we will discuss where SWTOR fits into the overall Star Wars universe and what the plotline of this game is in comparison to some of the other games.


First off, Knights of the Old Republic is a video game which was produced by BioWare which took place about 3000-3500 years before the events outlined in the Star Wars movies. The “Old Republic” as it were is the old Republic before it was destroyed and overtaken by the Empire. In the Star Wars Movies, the Empire has largely taken over the Republic which is why the forces are Rebels versus the Imperials.

Instead, in SWTOR, it is the Republic versus the Empire, and both sides seem equally matched at the time. The events in Star Wars The Old Republic take place a few hundred years after the events in Knights of the Old Republic.

In Knights of the Old Republic, you control a character named Revan who is both a Light and Dark Jedi and masters both sides of the Force to become something more. In SWTOR, you encounter Revan in a Flashpoint known as The Foundry.

The Foundry is the star forge where the original Rakata used the matter of stars to combine with Dark Side enery in order to create a limitless arsenal of ships. The problem was that the Foundry itself become imbued with this Dark Side energy and began to dominate the wills of the people who used it. This ultimately led to the downfall of the Rakata race.

In SWTOR, Revan is found overseeing the Foundry. You can defeat him in combat but before you actually win he simply vanishes, indicating that he will return later in the Star Wars canon. There are some rumors that Revan is actually the true emperor of the Empire whereas others think that the real Emperor is still out there somewhere.

The Best Bread Maker Reviews

If you have been thinking about getting a bread maker, you are not alone. Bread makers have gotten popular in recent years as people have been wanting the taste of fresh baked bread and there just are not that many good bakeries left anymore. While bakeries are making a come back, they just are not as popular as they were originally so people are starting to buy bread makers instead and taking matters into their own hands.

If you have never used a bread maker, no doubt you have been looking for bread maker reviews. In this guide, I will be telling you the certain things you should be looking for in your bread maker for the best results.

The first thing you should check is the capacity of your bread maker. Many bread makers are quite small and will make a lot less bread than you might actually suspect. You will additionally want to check the shape of your breadmaker. A lot of breadmakers will make these square sort of shaped loaves which just are not ideal for eating. You want one if you can find one that makes “taller” breads as these will ultimately slice much easier.

Additionally, you will want to try to find out what sort of popularity your bread maker has and what kinds of services are avaiable for that particular breadmaker. What I mean by this is popular breadmakers will have certain bread companies and even the parent company make products that support that bread maker. This could include things like bread mix with yeast and everything in pre-measured packs. They can all be measured out ahead of time and then you can bake a variety of ready-made breads at your convenience through these packets. The less popular breadmakers will naturally not have this kind of support.

What you need to do is make sure the capacity and shape is a standard size. Standard size breadmakers will be able to use the same sorts of packs in this regard.

Finally, you should know that baking bread in a bread maker takes a long amount of time. Expect it to take 8 hours or more to make bread as you have to let the yeast rise to fluff out the bread. Do not expect to put the dough in and get a loaf out an hour later!

Rice Cooker Reviews – A Good Way to Save Money and Time

rice-cooker-reviewsWith everyone pinching pennies these days in order to save a few dollars, a rice cooker can be a great way for you to save money on your food budget. In this article, you will discover just how much money you can save with a rice cooker.

One of the major selling points of rice cooker reviews is just how cheap rice is compared to bread. A loaf of bread costs a few dollars and provides about 1000-1500 calories worth of primarily carbohydrates. A big family can easily go through a loaf of bread a day if everyone eats a sandwich for lunch and has a piece of toast with breakfast or a slice of bread with dinner.

Compare this to rice. First off, rice itself only costs about 40 cents per pound. Next up, it is dehydrated, meaning that a pound of dry rice will actually turn into 3-4 pounds of cooked rice. So for 40 cents for a pound of dry rice, you can wind up with the equivalent of about 2 loaves of bread.

This means that 40 cents worth of rice is worth about $6 of bread, which makes rice 15 times cheaper than bread. If your family spends 100$ a month on bread, than they will only have to spend about 8$ per month on rice for you to stay stocked.

While many people think that rice is really inconvenient to cook and that makes bread a lot better, that is where the rice cooker comes in handy. You can put rice in the rice cooker in the morning with just a little extra water and turn it on. Then, the rice will cook in about an hour or so and stay hot and fresh all day. You can open it up and pull out fresh cooked rice whenever you want. The extra water is used to keep the rice from drying out as it will stay warm all day. This works very well and a lot of people enjoy their rice this way.